Leveraging Heritage While Embracing Future

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Our Vision

 To become the partner of choice for providing our supplier with the best services and providing our customers with high-quality products as well as healthcare services. And to be always a role model for customer service in line with industry best practices.

Our Mission

Develop longstanding business partnerships with healthcare-concerned suppliers through conducting crystal-clear market insights and in-depth knowledge packed with huge investment capabilities to enable access to different healthcare products in the emerging and growing GCC markets via our Distribution platform & network.

Our Core Values

  • Transparency and Honesty: Maintaining an open and transparent approach in all our business dealings, and committing to honesty and ethical behavior.

  • Positivity and Passion: Formulating a positive and passionate work environment, and encouraging a can-do attitude in all employees.

  • Dedication and Reliability: Demonstrating unwavering dedication to our customers and partners, and delivering products and services that are reliable and of the highest quality.

  • Standards and Knowledge: Adhering to the highest standards in the healthcare industry, and continuously increasing our knowledge and understanding of the field.

  • Growth and Development: Encouraging personal and professional growth, and providing opportunities for continuous learning and development.

  • Partnership and Collaboration: Building strong, long-lasting partnerships with healthcare suppliers, and working together towards common goals.


Why Us

Adwaa LANA is committed to providing top-quality healthcare products and unmatched service

We are SFDA authorized distributor and agent for many healthcare brands with dedicated pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical equipment distribution, sales, and marketing operations.